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Restore Your Wheels with Our Cost-Effective Wheel Straightening

Replacing your vehicle's wheels is a hassle, and it can put a hole in your wallet. With quick, convenient, and affordable wheel straightening from Fran's Of Keene in New Hampshire, your wheels will look like new! Our technicians can straighten and/or weld damaged aluminum, and wheels back to their original condition in less time it would take to buy new ones.

We are the only business in New Hampshire with the wheel straightening machine.
We only straighten aluminum rims.
Wheel Straightening Machine
Wheel Straightening machine - wheel straightening in Keene, NH
Damaged rim - wheel straightening in Keene, NH
Fixed rim - wheel straightening in Keene, NH
Should I have my wheels repaired? Damaged rims can produce the following problems:
  • Unnecessary Wear & Tear on Your Vehicle's Suspension
  • Vibrating or a Steering Wheel Shaking
  • Premature/Uneven Tire Wear
All wheels are finished to factory specifications.
FREE WHEEL INSPECTION (Restrictions Apply)
Contact us to restore your damaged wheels with our wheel refinishing services.